A Hatch Theatre Company production in association with Project Arts Centre, April 17 – May 9 2009.

David conducts an office romance by e-mail. He has love at his fingertips. But a shocking admission unravels his relationship piece by chilling piece.

Jess loves David. She believes happiness can be bought.

David loves Jess. He must work to pay off her debt.

Love and money is killing them.

Dennis Kelly’s Love and Money offers a cautionary tale of consumerism gone mad, putting spiralling debt and its effect on love under the microscope. Funny but heart wrenching, this ingenious drama dares us to enter a dislocated world of bad debts and even worse desires.

Barry Ward
Kate Stanley Brennan
Will Irvine
Ali White
Phil Kingston
Kate Nic Chonaonaigh

Annabelle Comyn

Set design
Paul O’Mahony

Lighting design
Sarah Jane Shiels

Sound design and composition
Philip Stewart

Costume design
Catherine Fay

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ HATCH Theatre Company’s slick, thought provoking production… compelling

the sunday times

HATCH Company’s excellent production

the sunday independent

At the risk of getting excited, beg, borrow or defraud your investors to get a ticket

the irish times

Everything about Hatch’s production is designed to give you space to think, and more importantly, feel

the irish independent

Annabelle Comyn’s clear sighted production… slick direction

sunday business post

Compelling and thought provoking in equal measure

the metro

Kate Stanley Brennan nominated for Irish Times Best Actress Award.

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Love and Money Kate Stanley Brennan, Barry Ward. Photo: Ros Kavanagh

Love and Money Barry Ward, Kate Nic Chonaonaigh. Photo: Ros Kavanagh

Love and Money, Kate Stanley Brennan, Barry Ward. Photo: Ros Kavanagh

Love and Money, Kate Nic Chonaonaigh, Phil Kingston. Photo: Ros Kavanagh

Love and Money. Photo: Ros Kavanagh

Love and Money – Hatch Theatre. Photo: Ros Kavanagh